Indeed there is!
Alan is real and you can meet him. 



Established in 1977, Alan's Saint Helena has been providing custom framing services to the community of Saint Helena in various locations around town. In 2007 the store moved to it's current location in the ivy-covered, stone building located on the alley way behind the main street. 

Housed in what used to be a grain holding area, Alan's still offers custom framing but has now added photography services to its line of offerings. 

The only reason I’m bringing this piece in for framing is because my style has changed over the years. Alan framed it for me nearly 20 years ago and it’s still as beautiful as the day I received it.
— Pam Smithers





Alan Fowler
Owner | Framer

At an early age, Alan saw what it takes to run a successful business. His mother had a shop in southern California where he grew up. After college, Alan decided to travel and eventually moved to the Napa Valley, settling in Saint Helena. 

In 1977 Alan opened his shop on Hwy 29 in downtown Saint Helena with his wife by his side. He started selling framing services that eventually lead into printing photographs and selling ready-made frames. Alan has worked relentlessly to become the custom framer of choice in the northern Napa Valley.