Cohesive Whole


Consistency is key when maintaining brand identity and that is why Realm Cellars has chosen Alan's Saint Helena as their custom picture framer of choice.

Over the years, Alan has framed numerous pieces for display in the winery office. While each piece has it's own unique elements, the collage of 10+ pieces acts as a cohesive whole. The framing and matting choices have remained so similar over the years that the pieces look like they were all framed on the same day. Because Alan has developed a relationship with the winery and knows the specifics of their brand identity, Realm now simply drops off projects and says "Do your magic, Alan!". And he does. 

Best co-worker EVER!

This 31" x 30" photo enlargement was mounted to foam core and cut to shape.

This 31" x 30" photo enlargement was mounted to foam core and cut to shape.

My favorite thing to hear at the beginning of a conversation is "I have a strange request..."

Because of this request, I get a new co-worker for the day. He'll be hanging out until 5pm today, so if you want to see Paul, come on by! He might even smile for a picture. Or at least sit there and look really HOT!

The photo was printed on our large format Epson printer on Premium Semimatte Photo Paper, mounted to foam core, and hand cut to the outline shape. Another example of a project utilizing all of the services available at Alan's Saint Helena.

From beginning to end

This is a beautiful example of why Alan's Saint Helena is the perfect choice for your photography and framing needs. 

An image was emailed to us and we got to work.

We enhanced the image, added graphics, then printed the image utilizing the large format printer and handed the prints off to Alan. 

Before Alan got to work, arrangements were made to have the customer come in to sign each print. Alan then performed his magic and produced brilliant 'gifts' that will be treasured for years to come.  

Walking down memory lane

Digging through carousels of old slides, a customer brought in a series of slides for scanning and printing. Utilizing the Epson flatbed scanner, high-resolution digital images were created, including color correction. The images were then printed and the files saved on a memory stick so that the story could be shared over and over again.